Student Competition

TaT 2023 invites prospective student teams to submit and participate in the competition and win prizes! 

Student teams must include two or more high school, college, or university students, including all majors. Students can be at any level of their academic studies. Read more about the eligibility and competition rules here.

Submissions must be based on the following categories,

Team Awards (including certificate of achievement)

*Categories are final; Submissions will be evaluated based on the students class: 1) High-school teams, 2) College/University teams

Eligibility Criteria and Competition Rules

Using Technology against Tornado with Two Core Values: Student-centered Teams & Open-source Development

Initial Proposal Submission

Final Submission

Award Competition

Key Dates

*All dates are final.

There is No Fee to register student teams and compete; however, finalists must attend the in-person competition to become eligible as award winners.

Special Thanks to the TaT 2023 Sponsor and Hosting Institution